Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Poteau’s Mountain Gateway Community Alliance

Southeast Oklahoma is full of fun and fascinating things to do, see, and talk about!  The Mountain Gateway Community Alliance is a grassroots organization formed to help promote and improve all that is great about our area.


Poteau’s Mountain Gateway Community Alliance (MGCA) hosts the annual Poteau Farmer’s Market, Poteau’s “Urbane Chaos Artist Cooperative”, and the Poteau Area Improvement Project.


The MGCA serves Poteau, Heavener, Wister, and surrounding areas to promote local life.  This includes everything from the history of Southeast Oklahoma to beautification to community building.

Poteau Attractions

Poteau Farmers Market


Poteau History

Site Sections


Become a Patron!


Our membership section on Patreon showcases history on Poteau, Wister, Heavener, as well as other areas throughout Southeast Oklahoma.  Your membership on Patreon helps support MGCA projects, including the Poteau Farmer’s Market and Poteau’s “Urbane Chaos” Artist Cooperative.


Historical Articles


These articles feature various stories about Oklahoma that range from little-known history to the strange and whimsical.  Several articles feature Poteau and the surrounding area.


Books on Poteau and the area


Order The Birth of Poteau, Stories of the Mountain Gateway, or The LeFlore County Adventure Guide here!

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