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Fall Foliage Tours

As fall arrives, Southeast Oklahoma becomes ablaze with a riot of colors.  The best time to take the Fall Foliage tour is between late September and early November.

Begin your Fall Foliage Tour in Poteau, Oklahoma by stopping at the famous Warehouse Willy’s Steakhouse for lunch and then travel up Cavanal Hill.  Cavanal Hill has been dubbed “The Worlds Highest Hill” and offers many spectacular views of the area.

From there, head south on U.S. 59 and stay the night at Long Lake Resort.  Long Lake Resort has a lot to offer.  Dubbed the Twin Lakes, the bald cyprus trees produce a great variety of colors, from deep green to bright crimson.  While you’re there, stop in at the tourist center to get more informaton on the area.

From Long Lake, pay a visit to the Heavener Runestone Park. Located at the top of Poteau Mountain, you’ll get an amazing view of the surrounding countryside. To get there, continue following U.S. 59 and look for the signs near Downtown Heavener. After visiting the Heavener Runestone State Park, have dinner in an old world train called The Southern Bell.

When you’re ready, continue south on U.S. 59 until you reach U.S. 259.  Follow U.S. 259 to Highway 1/Talimena Scenic Drive.  You’ll find a plethora of activities along Talimena Drive, including the old pioneer place, historic military roads, and nature conservatories.  The highlight will be Queen Wilimena State Park in Arkansas.  Stay the night there and spend the following day in Mena, Arkansas hunting for diamonds.

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