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The LeFlore County Maidens of Mayhem

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Roller Derby is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.  Currently, there are over 1,250 leagues in the world, with several teams under each league.  It is a full contact sport, and one that is very challenging to play!  The Maidens of Mayhem is LeFlore County’s only roller derby team, and is one of the best int he region.


As quoted from the Maidens of Mayhem,

Founded in 2014 we are comprised of Women from all walks of life. We range from young women to mothers and even grandmothers we are daughters sisters aunts. We are a family.

Through Roller Derby, we have raised over Six Thousand Dollars on the last 3 years for area nonprofits.  Our goal is to continue to help and support our community and other local non profits.


We encourage everyone to help support our local Roller Derby team by either donating or going to watch them perform.  Their bouts are fast-paced and exciting, and they always giving the crowd a great show. Hosted at Skatereation in Poteau, Oklahoma, the skating rink is transformed into large roller derby arena where crowds can gather at the edges.

According to Wikipedia, “Roller derby is a contact sport played by two teams of five members roller skating counter-clockwise around a track. Roller derby is played by approximately 1,250 amateur leagues worldwide, most inside the United States.”


2018 Maidens of Mayhem:

Southern Ringya Belle 5610 aka Kayla Angel-2018 Captain – Treasurer

Klobberin Time 5150 aka Krystalla Martin 2018 -Assistant Captain

Daized & Contuzed 76 aka Daisy Broom – 2018 Assistant Captain – Head of Fundraising

Jinjure Snap .32 aka Jennifer Griffin – 2018 Co-Treasurer – Fundraising committee

Mary Masochist 69 aka Tawni Burns – Team Graphic Designer & Creator of Lady Mayhem ( LOA) Active Service Member

Annabull Lector 77 aka Annah Hamm – 2018 Secretary

Nayner Nayner Boo Boo 107 aka Denay Kelley- 2018 Gift Committee

Annie Choakley .22 aka Sheila Griffith- 2018 Gift Committee

Raw Talent 247 aka Natasha Warden- 2018 CO-Media Officer

Pink Freud 9-11 aka Michelle Ashford – 2018 Media Officer

Jackie Ann Riley – 2018 Fundraising committee

Mandudez of Mayhem:

Bad Juju A10 aka Josh Koenig – Maidens Coach

Dark Passenger 717 aka Ricky Martin II – 2018 Announcer

Widow Maker .357 (skater/ref) aka Jason Griffith

Pink Freud 9-11 aka Michelle Ashford
Widow Maker aka Jason Griffith
Klobberin Time 5150 aka Krystalla Martin

NSO’s and Supporters:


Aunt Fanny aka Tarah Fruen

Quesorito Sanchez aka Leo Gonzalez

SQUATCED aka Chris Hickman – Scoreboard Operator

Mother Clucker aka Colby Evans – 2018 Moral Support


RINK OWNER and our Main Supporter: Nancy Traywick

We are a 18+ Women’s and Men’s Roller Derby League. Current off season practice schedule every Sunday at Skatereation 6-8 ( subject to change, follow page for updates). Child care provided.


Poteau.Life The LeFlore County Maidens of Mayhem Events

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