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Poteau Artist Cooperative

The Poteau Artist Cooperative is a place for art, music, and social interaction!

Formed in 2018, the facility consists of five main areas, and an additional six rental and special use areas. With growth, this will be expanded by an additional 10 areas.

The purpose of the Poteau Artist Cooperative facility is to provide an entertainment area and to encourage artistic expression. Additionally, as home to the Mountain Gateway Community Alliance, the facility will also be used for other civic and community related events.

Poteau.Life Poteau Artist Cooperative
Overview of the Poteau Artist Cooperative Facility

Functions of the rooms located in the Poteau Artist Cooperative are as follows:

The Poteau Artist Lounge

Poteau.Life Poteau Artist Cooperative

The Artist Lounge is the first room inside of the Poteau Artist Cooperative. It is a place for artists to hang out and includes games and other activities.

It is connected to the Performance Hall to provide addition seating during bigger events. This room can be rented out for meetings, receptions, and a variety of other events. Rental rates vary with membership levels.

Many pieces of art found inside this room are for sale.

The Performance Hall

Poteau.Life Poteau Artist Cooperative

The performance hall, shown here during construction, is a place for live music, comedy, improv, lectures, and other types of performances.

This room includes everything that is needed for any typical event. There is a PA system that uses an 8 channel Carvin mixer, two powered speakers, cables, microphones and stands, as well as additional equipment. There is also projectors and special effect lighting available.

This room is connected to the Artist Lounge and can be rented out for events.

Combined, the MGCA will feature different monthly events, ranging from art parties to live music.

The Gallery Hall

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The Gallery Hall leads to the other various rooms. Inside the hall, artists will be featured at eye-level on the walls. The lower portions of the wall is available for small murals.

Artists may host items in the gallery hall for sale.

The Poteau Maker Space

Poteau.Life Poteau Artist Cooperative

The Poteau Maker Space is the first room to the right from the Gallery Hall. This room was created in order for artists to work on projects in a collaborative environment. Additionally, with the projectors and white boards, this room can also be used for small classes and lectures.

This room can be rented out.

The Poteau Resource Room

Poteau.Life Poteau Artist Cooperative

The Poteau Resource Room is geared more for individual work spaces. It contains an art table, a computer table, and a “workshop” table.

Several resources are also available in this room, ranging from art books to books on business and history. This room will also be used by the MGCA for business meetings, assistance programs, and other related purposes.

This room can be rented out.

Rental Space

The Poteau Artist Cooperative also features six different rooms available to rent. Rental prices depend on membership levels. These rooms can be rented daily, weekly, or monthly and must serve either the art community or be community/civic oriented.

The Art

Membership and the Cooperative

The MGCA is not a traditional artist Cooperative. We want artists to be free to use the facility as they please. As such, we encourage our artist members to host events at the facility.

Although you do not have to be a member to use the facility, membership will open a lot more possibilities. For non-members, use of the maker space requires a $5 per person cover charge. Special event pricing for non-members varies per event. Open events and entrance to the large hall are always free.

There are three levels of memberships.

The first level is for general facility use and discounts to MGCA events. This is our Family and Friends level. All members at this level may use the Maker Space and other member designated areas of the facility during regular business hours, including the maker space and the gallery, and receive discounted prices on all hosted MGCA events. $15 per month or $100 per year per immediate family.

The second level is for area artists. This is our Artisan Level. All members at this level are entitled to visit all areas of the facility during regular business hours, host a limited number of events per year, visit a limited number of events throughout the year free of charge, use the equipment and the maker space during regular business hours, and will receive discounts for all MGCA hosted events.

The third level is for both artists and supporters that want to be part of the cooperative. This is our Cooperative Level. All members at this level are entitled to everything above, and play a vital role in the development of the cooperative, as well as in fulfilling the MGCA mission. These members have full use of the facility and equipment, receive free admittance to any MGCA hosted event, and access to any MGCA area. These members partner with the founders to help provide ideas and direction for the MGCA Artist Cooperative.