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Poteau Neighborhood Additions

Poteau Neighborhoods

Although Poteau is considered a small town, it has the flavor of a much bigger city. This is expressed best through the variety of neighborhoods found in town.

The map below shows the various additions throughout the years. The original town, shown as a large yellow block left-center, was where everything began. Both the KCS and the Frisco railroads had depots here, and the old downtown district is still the heart of the town.

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Throughout Poteau’s old town district, you’ll find an array of home styles. These range from the many historic homes to more modern styles. The charm of the old town district is with the history to be found here.

Moving forward, members of the Mountain Gateway Community Alliance are working towards highlighting the different historic homes, as well as creating a more walkable downtown district.

The old Lakeview Neighborhood was one of the first to be developed outside of Old Town. The neighborhood began with a bang, literally. W.W. Lowrey, the consummate promoter of Poteau, established the Lake View Land Run in the early 1930s. A wildly successful P.R. stunt, he had potential buyers line up along Dewey to claim their stake. With a gunshot, the buyers rushed down Dewey before turning right on what was then Main Street. From there, they raced into the Lakeview addition and laid claim to their land.

Following Lakeview, new neighborhoods began to crop up, each with their own unique style. Witteville Estates, Wolf Mountain, and Country Club offers some of the finest homes in the area, while the Noble, Burkle, and Woodbine communities offer a more “suburban” family feel.

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