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Poteau’s MGCA Artist and Entertainment Destination Location!

About Poteau Arts:

The MGCA Artist Cooperative focuses on all types of art. Our main hall was designed with art in mind. Inside, you may find anything from musicians jamming to painters painting.

In addition to art, you will also find many special events going on throughout the month, from DJ driven dance parties to business meetings to historic lectures.

The Main Hall

The main hall is where most of the action takes place. It is geared to be a general use facility, focusing on art and music.

A Place for Music

Poteau.Life Poteau's MGCA Artist and Entertainment Destination Location! Artist Corner
Floor plan of the main hall, showing typical set up for live music and dining.

Music is a form of art that fulfills the soul. The great hall is set up to provide both beginner and experienced musicians, DJ’s, and Karaoke artists a place to practice and perform.

Throughout the year, the MGCA will host many music events that highlight local artists and DJ’s. Some events are scheduled to highlight different music genres, including jazz and blues, bluegrass, rock, and even the occasional rap and R&B artist. Other events will be geared around specific themes, such as Mardi Gras or Christmas presentations.

Other area musicians may also host events that help promote the musical arts throughout the region. Use of the space is free for members or on a per-event basis for non-members. Free and deep discounts may also be available depending on the event.

Music For Artists – Facility Specifications

One end of the hall will feature a complete sound system, including two powered PA speakers, an eight-channel mixer, microphones, stands, and cords. A basic house drum kit will also be available. Guitars and other instruments, along with supporting amps are not included as most musicians prefer to bring their own. It is also recommended that drummers bring their own snares as well.

DJ’s and Karaoke artists can plug directly into the mixer. A collection of “house” music will be on hand for our DJ’s and Karaoke artists, but others are encouraged to also bring their own playlists.

A series of pre-installed lights and effects are ready for use as well. These include two “moonflower” lights, a disco-effect light, and a fog machine. Two individual 256 LED’s are also available either on a t-stand or for individual use. All lights may be DMX controlled.

Lectures, Classes, and More!

Poteau.Life Poteau's MGCA Artist and Entertainment Destination Location! Artist Corner
Proposed layout of the great hall, showing typical set up for lectures.

As a general use facility, the main hall can easily be converted for a variety of different uses. In addition to music, this space will also be used for art displays, lectures, classes, meetings, and more formal, intimate events.

With the drum kit and other equipment sectioned off, the hall becomes a great venue for education. During the day, several larger classes and lectures are planned to continue throughout the year. These include everything from painting parties to area history discussions.

During certain times of the year, the main hall will be set aside as a larger art gallery and will host art-related events.

The facility may also be used by members or rented out to either artists or other entities seeking a place to hold meetings. As with any event, full use of the sound system is supplied, as well as a projector, tables and chairs, etc.

Community Maker Space

Poteau.Life Poteau's MGCA Artist and Entertainment Destination Location! Artist Corner
Proposed layout of the MGCA Artist Cooperative Maker Space

Our Maker Space caters to those who like to create. Separate from the main hall, this fun and funky space invites creativity. This space will be open during regular business hours to all members.

Special events, such as arts and crafts classes, children’s projects, science demonstrations, and adult oriented meetings are scheduled frequently throughout the month.

Full cooperative members may host their own events here as well.

The Artists Hall

Poteau.Life Poteau's MGCA Artist and Entertainment Destination Location! Artist Corner
Artists Hall, along with other facility rooms.

A dedicated space for paintings and photography can be found in the Artists Hall. This hall leads from the Main Hall back to the restaurant and is open to anyone visiting. During special exhibits, this may also feature themed art or children’s art.

There is no initial charge for featuring art here, however, if the artwork is for sale, a commission fee will be assessed. Commissions will be waived for members. Donated art is not for sale unless specified.

Membership and the Cooperative

The MGCA is not a traditional artist Cooperative. We want artists to be free to use the facility as they please. As such, we encourage our artist members to host events at the facility.

Although you do not have to be a member to use the facility, membership will open a lot more possibilities. For non-members, use of the maker space requires a $5 per person cover charge. Special event pricing for non-members varies per event. Open events and entrance to the large hall are always free.

There are three levels of memberships.

The first level is for general facility use and discounts to MGCA events. This is our Family and Friends level. All members at this level may use the Maker Space and other member designated areas of the facility during regular business hours, including the maker space and the gallery, and receive discounted prices on all hosted MGCA events. $15 per month or $100 per year per immediate family.

The second level is for area artists. This is our Artisan Level. All members at this level are entitled to visit all areas of the facility during regular business hours, host a limited number of events per year, visit a limited number of events throughout the year free of charge, use the equipment and the maker space during regular business hours, and will receive discounts for all MGCA hosted events.

The third level is for both artists and supporters that want to be part of the cooperative. This is our Cooperative Level. All members at this level are entitled to everything above, and play a vital role in the development of the cooperative, as well as in fulfilling the MGCA mission. These members have full use of the facility and equipment, receive free admittance to any MGCA hosted event, and access to any MGCA area. These members partner with the founders to help provide ideas and direction for the MGCA Artist Cooperative.

Giving Back

The MGCA, including the artist cooperative, the farmer’s market, and the Poteau area improvement project is all about giving back to the community. As such, many of the MGCA hosted events will go to directly benefit many of our local non-profit organizations.


The Artist Cooperative, along with the Poteau Farmer’s Market (PFM) and the Poteau Area Improvement Project(PaIP), are part of the Mountain Gateway Community Alliance. Direction must be approved by the MGCA before final. Members of the Artist Cooperative will receive additional benefits through the PFM and the PaIP.

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