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The Birth of Poteau is a tale of one of the most fascinating towns in Eastern Oklahoma. It chronicles the development of the town from the earliest settlers in the region through the height of the Roaring Twenties. Within this book, readers will find stories of Indians and outlaws, covered wagons and coyotes and even a dash from The Gilded Age. Our goal is to tell the story of Poteau in a way that vividly describes the early history of the town, while at the same time helping the reader understand Poteau’s broader place in Oklahoma’s history.

Poteau.Life Shop Poteau

A Collection of Historic Stories, Strange Tales and Legends from Southeast Oklahoma, from Prehistoric Cultures to Unforgettable Public Figures.

Poteau.Life Shop Poteau

Did you know… That in the 1800s, LeFlore County used to be considered the “Wild West”? Many famous outlaws such as Belle Starr, Jesse James, and the Younger Gang once called eastern Oklahoma home? That LeFlore County is home to one of the only Drive-In Movie Theaters left in Oklahoma? As many drive-ins across the country close, the drive-in in LeFlore County is one of the most technologically advanced in the nation. That one of the most fabled beasts of all time lives right in here LeFlore County? Oklahoma’s own “Boggy Bottom Monster” has baffled scientists for year as they seek to find the elusive Oklahoma Bigfoot. That one of the biggest hot air balloon festivals in the area occurs each year here, and continues to grow bigger and bigger? The LeFlore County Adventure Guide showcases all of these attractions, plus many, many more.

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