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Summer Fun in the Poteau Area

“Some of the best memories are made in flip flops.”

Summer is here!  That means that it’s time to get out and explore all of what the Tri-City region has to offer!  From splash parks to hiking, there’s a lot to do around Poteau, Wister and Heavener.  Here’s a list of our top picks for Summer Fun!

1.) Long Lake Resort 

Long Lake Resort has come a long way from just a few small cozy cabins.  Over the last few years, they’ve added

Poteau.Life Summer Fun in the Poteau Area attractions

quite a bit of new activities for the public to enjoy.  The best part is, you don’t have to rent a cabin to have fun!  It’s encouraged, but if you’re just looking to spend a few hours enjoying the summer weather, Long Lake is the place to be.

So what’s up with Long Lake?  There’s a wide variety of activities to be found there, including:

  • Canoeing and Kayacking
  • Fishing
  • Horse Rides
  • Splash Pad & Playground
  • Outdoor Games
  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Archery

The best thing about long lake is it’s sense of solitude.  They are on their way to making it a primer destination point in Oklahoma, but for now, this family-owned business is still pretty quiet.  Although quiet, there is a lot to do there!  If you haven’t been in awhile, it’s certainly worth checking out!

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2.) Lake Wister State Park

During the 1950s and 1960s, Lake Wister was the place to be.  With more state parks opening, focus shifted across the state and Wister saw a steep decline.  Lake Wister is seeing a comeback!

There are a wide variety of activities to be found at Lake Wister State Park.  Some of the attractions here include:

  • Boating & Fishing, perhaps the most popular activity
  • The Wister Splash Park
  • Mini-Golf, completely upgraded in 2017!Poteau.Life Summer Fun in the Poteau Area attractions
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Several large playgrounds
  • Primitive and modern camping
  • Walking/hiking trails, some paved
  • Lone Star Historic Site
  • Events and Outdoor Classes

Because Lake Wister is a state park, there’s always something going on.  Stop in at the visitor center to keep up with the latest.

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3.) The Tower Drive-In Movie Theater

Poteau.Life Summer Fun in the Poteau Area attractions

There’s something special about watching movies under the stars.  Originally built in 1952, for adults, the area brings back a strong sense of nostalgia.  For kids, it’s a unique experience that isn’t found that often anymore.

The Tower Drive-In Movie Theater is completely upgraded and features the latest and best movies, with double features show

n on many nights.  A full-service snack bar provides much more than just popcorn.  You can pick up dinner and a movie at the Tower!

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4.) Stike-a-Lot Lanes

For those rainy days or when it’s too hot to be outside, cool off at Strikealot Lanes!  Work has been ongoing to update the facility, and it shows.  Founded in 2000, the entertainment complex first opened up with just bowling.  Over the years, a lot of extras have been added, including one of the most popular attractions in the area.  Laser Runner is Poteau’s only laser tag arena.  Go one on one or form teams and compete against each other. Perfect for birthday parties, church events, or corporate parties, Strikealot Lanes is certainly a summer destination point!

Some of the things that Strikealot Lanes offers include:Poteau.Life Summer Fun in the Poteau Area attractions

  • 16 Bowling Lanes
  • Laser Tag
  • Snack Bar and Eatery
  • Video Arcade Room
  • Pool Hall
  • The Lounge, an Adult’s Only party spot
Learn the history of Strikealot Lanes in Poteau!Click Here

5.) Heavener RunestonePoteau.Life Summer Fun in the Poteau Area attractions

One of the most unusual places in Southeast Oklahoma is the Heavener Runestone.  While it has been hotly debated whether or not the Vikings did visit Oklahoma, one thing remains certain, the Heavener Runestone is still a great place to visit!  In addition to the many events held throughout the year, the park offers a number of activities.  Visitors can hike through the “historic” trail down into the canyon to visit the Runestone, or enjoy the scenic vistas that surround the park.  A large playground is set up for the kids, while primitive camping areas offer fun for the whole family.

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More Summer Recreation Destination Places

There’s a LOT to do in the Poteau Area!

  1. Skate-Reation Roller Skating Rink: Go Roller Skating
  2. Choctaw Country Club and Golf Course: Driving Range, Club House, Event Center, and Golf Course
  3. Wolf Ridge Golf Course: Golf Course scenic Wolf Ridge
  4. Twyman Park: Historic WPA Era Park featuring a variety of activities
  5. Blues Park: Heavener’s largest outdoor park, featuring the Heavener Street-style Skatepark!Poteau.Life Summer Fun in the Poteau Area attractions
  6. Off Broadway! Skatepark: “Bowl” Type skate park
  7. Downtown Poteau: Visit shops such as Sidewinders, Poteau Games, and Angry Mullet
  8. The LeFlore County Museum: Featuring artifacts from prehistory on
  9. The Black Angus Bull Art Scavenger Hunt: Can you find them all?
  10. The Frisco Trail: One of the nicest walking/jogging paths in the region

Do you have a favorite place to visit in the summer?  Let us know in the comments!

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