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Lake Wister State Park near Poteau, Oklahoma

Lake Wister State Park, located within the Winding Stair Scenic Byway in southwestern Oklahoma, is a gateway to the beautiful Quachita National Forest. The focal point of the lake is Lake Wister, with 7,300 surface acres and 115 miles of shoreline. The park is currently 1200 acres in size. They offer cabins, several RV sites and locations, Group camping, community center, miniature golf and disk golf. Picnic areas and swimming. A Splash pad open seasonally. Great place to Hike and enjoy all that the Oklahoma State Park system has to offer.

At Lake Wister, you’ll find many things to do and see.

The park offices are located on Quarry Island.  Quarry Island was constructed during the 1960’s from when the Wister Dam was constructed.  Most of the earth removed from what is now the lake floor was used to build the dam and the island.  On the island, you’ll find several cabins and RV slots, disk golf, a large playground and pavilion, the Wister beach, and several other points of interest, as well as one of the main boat ramps.

The bulk of the park lies just to the north.  Near the entrance is a large community center, cabins, and the trail head for a long walking, biking, and hiking trail.

Popular areas include Victor’s Landing, Ward’s Landing, Wister Ridge, the historic Lone Star School site, the community center, and the ADA Handicap interprative trail.

Victor’s Landing is one of the most popular places at Lake Wister.  This site includes several RV spaces, a boat launch, and playground.

Ward’s Landing is an older RV spot that includes a playground and volleyball area.  This area is also used during special events at Lake Wister.

Wister Ridge is a new addition to Lake Wister.  It is a primitive campground that includes access to hiking trails and a small canoe ramp.  There is also an ADA handicap primitive camp site.

The community center is located just north of Victor’s Landing.  Instructurs and camp enthusiasts use this for a variety of special events.

The ADA Handicap interprative trail is also a new addition.  This includes a small paved walking trail with plenty of seating.  A pavilion is located at the center of the trail.  Interprative signs are located throughout that cover everything from history to park wildlife.

The historic Lone Star school site has recently been cleaned up and now functions as an outdoor teaching area, keeping with the tradition of the site.

Just north of Quarry Island is the splashpad and mini golf area.  There is a small fee to use these areas.  The fee helps to cover maintainence costs.

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